NSFWE [Not Safe For Work Ethic]

On the off-chance you are in fact lacking in sources of distraction, or possibly even more higher-mindedly in search of inspiration for your multi-disciplinary research, I’ll leave you with a list of sites I have found most useful over the years. A vague attempt at categorisation may follow. This attempt may fail.


Cracked.com http://www.cracked.com/ (A category unto their own, Cracked, whilst essentially an entertainment and comedy website, are actually time and again a wonderful source on information on the weird and wonderful worlds of science, technology, law, culture, medicine, and most concepts you care to think of. A brilliant starting point when looking for something weird and wonderful to research.) [I should point out that the team over at Cracked are avid dispellers of common misconceptions, revealers of little known history and as such a wonderful force for education in their own right. Go buy their De-Textbook and re-educate yourself http://www.cracked.com/the-de-textbook/]

Law and Ethics Blogs:

Practical Ethics http://blog.practicalethics.ox.ac.uk/ (A fascinating and often controversial blog by the University of Oxford’s Philosophy Facutly. Authors include the ever controversial and thought-provoking Julian Savulescu)

Lex Referenda http://www.lexferenda.com/ (A particularly interesting and thematically diverse blog by my former lecturer Dr. Dáithí Mac Síthigh, Lecturer in Digital Media Law at the University of Edinburgh)

TechnoLlama http://www.technollama.co.uk/ (A n excellent Technology Law blog, covering areas like Net Neutrality, Internet Law, Digital Intellectual Property Law and Privacy, amongst much more)

The IPKat http://ipkitten.blogspot.co.uk/ (A brilliant blog covering pretty much anything you can think of in the realm of UK and European Intellectual Property Law)

Out-Law.com http://www.out-law.com/ (An astoundingly comprehensive blog run by Pinsent Masons on such diverse areas as IT, IP and Gaming Law)

Telemedicus (German) http://www.telemedicus.info/ (With the tagline Recht der Informationsgesellschaft, “Law of the Information Society”, Telemedicus is a brilliant resource for any German speakers out there interested in Media and Technology Law)

Medicine, Bioethics and Biotechnology:

The Mason Instutute http://masoninstitute.org/ (Okay, this one is geared more towards people within travelling distance of Edinburgh. But it’s well worth even following their progress online and particular on Twitter. My favourite source of mixing life sciences with law)

Law and Neuroscience Blog http://lawneuro.org/blog/ (Another blog that has mixes a tricky scientific field with a well-backed legal analysis, from Vanderbilt University. A very useful starting point in this obscure field of legal inquiry)

The Nuffield Council on Bioethics http://www.nuffieldbioethics.org/ (‘The’ place to go for information on Bioethics in the UK. Their reports are especially worth reading, and the nature of the subject matter tends to make “reading reports” infinitely more enjoyable than it sounds)

The Hastings Center http://www.thehastingscenter.org/ (The Hastings Center is another source on bioethics, particularly for a US perspective {if not already clear from the spelling of “center”}. A self-described independent, nonpartisan, and nonprofit bioethics research institute)


Video Game Law http://videogame.law.ubc.ca/ (An up-to-date and comprehensive collection of news and thoughts on law in the video game industry, courtesy of the University of British Columbia)

Video Game Law Blog http://www.davis.ca/en/blog/video-game-law/ (A handy blog by Davis LLP. Finding a blog specifically about video games, written by people who really know their stuff can be hard to come by)

Online.Spiele.Recht (German) http://spielerecht.de/ (A law blog specifically about video game law, run by Osborne Clarke in Germany, once again a very handy resource for any German speakers interested in this area)


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