NIPL: New IP Lawyers

NIP(p)L(e), ostensibly standing for “New IP Lawyers” is a new network for those involved in the various fields of intellectual property law (and questionable acronyms), in particular for early career researchers and newly qualified lawyers. The initiative was co-founded by Mathilde Pavis and Hasan Kadir Yilmaztekin at the University of Exeter, with Joshua Wabwire as network representative at the University of Oxford, and since has been joined by members from a number of academic institutions around the UK. The mission of the network is to encourage and facilitate discussion of the issues surrounding IP Law both by lawyers and non-lawyers:

The vigorous infusion of intellectual property into all corners of our lives has unleashed many sophisticated questions and intensified its social and cultural impact. Global actors have reacted to these effects from their own points of view. However, the repercussions of intellectual property policies on culture and the economy still require our close attention with a different outlook. For that reason, the New IP Lawyers Network is the first endeavour to create a hub for new lawyers as well as non-lawyers who share different interests spanning IP, culture, science, creativity and the law. With a “the more, the merrier” approach, the Network looks for more and more members to start a lively and genuine conversation.

The network is also supported by the Universities of Exeter, Salford and Oxford, as well as being mentored by Professor Charlotte Waelde, Dr. Naomi Hawkins and Dr. James Griffin. The network plans on organising its first annual conference in June 2015 at the University of Exeter, its founding institution. This first event will be the inaugural conference of the network and will also be the occasion to hold its Annual General Meeting.

The network has been busy tweeting and re-tweeting away @NewIPLayers and even has is own very handy group on LinkedIn. The site also features a blog entitled the IPowL Blog:

This blog pays tribute to the IPKat blog co-directed by Jeremy Philips and his teammates, David Brophy, Birgit Clark, Merpel, Eleonora Rosati, Darren Smyth, Annsley Merelle Ward and Neil J. Wilkof, which constitutes a fabulous source of information and entertainment on Intellectual Property Laws. The IPowL blog shall strive to reach the standards of excellence and professionalism its feline predecessor has set in IP blogging.

If you are interested in finding out more, head over to or give them a shout at if you’d like to become a member.



Photo Credit: The Adventures of Kristin & Adam via photopin cc


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